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You Can Make a Difference with Family Space Quinte

Volunteer Your Time in Our Community

Volunteering With EarlyON

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Examples of EarlyON volunteer opportunities;

-Visiting programs and sharing professional knowledge on a certain topic or running a workshop/community of practice with our educators.

-Helping us run our indoor, outdoor or infant programming (setting up the room, engaging with families, participating in circle time, reading stories, cleaning up).

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-Helping ‘behind the scenes’ by making playdough, cutting out laminate, creating paper die cuts or collecting natural materials for us to use in programs.

-Helping us run community events (transporting materials, collecting natural materials beforehand, setting up, engaging with families, clean up)

Whatever you are interested in doing, we’d love to hear from you.

Fill out our application form below and send to

We warmly welcome volunteers of all abilities, including those with additional needs. Our organization values diversity and inclusivity, and we believe that everyone has unique talents to contribute. If you’re interested in joining us, please reach out, and we’ll ensure that accommodations are made to support your participation fully.

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